Art and crafts have always been part of my life but like so many of us, our hobbies have to take second place to work.

After 25 years in specialist medical engineering in the NHS, a change in career brought me closer to my hobby when working in education in special schools in art, design and technology.

Early retirement in 2007 now offers me an opportunity to spend my time dedicated to scroll and fretwork which I would describe as a highly diverse art form in respect of both subject matter and materials.

I have been specialising in this art form for nearly 10 years, in the past I have produced bespoke furniture, wood carvings and wood turnings. More recently, I have diversified my skills into the areas of scroll and fretwork to hand-make an ever increasing variety of art pieces.

Wildlife scenes of both native and from around the world are influenced by my childhood days growing up in the heart of the Surrey country side and my travels to Australasia.

My ultimate ambition is to visit the continent of Africa.

Fretwork designs from the Victorian era are probably my favourite but judging by recent commissions for Art Deco, Celtic and Oriental designs, these styles are very popular and always in demand.

I specialise in creating educational toys, particularly, three-dimensional/ lateral locking puzzles. The influence for these creations originates with my past association with teaching and education. The realisation that adults as well as children enjoy the success of mastering a challenge of intrigue and manual dexterity stimulates me to produce a variety of puzzle designs.

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