Environment & Ethics.

I have a great love and appreciation for the natural world, with a particular affinity and respect for trees.

Generally I only work in native hardwoods and endeavor to ensure they are sourced locally and have been ethically harvested by select tree surgeons and other reputable sources.

Living in a “throw away” society, the thought of perfectly sound secondhand timber being disposed of in land fill or burnt as firewood is both environmentally and ethically unacceptable when it can be reused.

To endorse my views on recycling, I incorporate additional timber sources from local wood recycling centres, furniture producers and musical instrument makers. Occasionally some of the wood supply may comprise of previously imported tropical hardwood and used in manufacturing. I consider that using these beautiful woods for reuse as acceptable, but reject the use of raw tropical wood.

I feel it has been a privilege to see first hand the beauty and diversity of both sub and tropical rainforests and I am passionate about their protection for the future of mankind.

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